Göteborgs Golf Klubb

Founded in 1902, Gothenburg Golf Club holds the distinction of being the oldest golf club in Sweden. A mere two years after its establishment, the course was relocated from Sandvik in Hisingen to Hovås.


Golf course

18 holes
Length: 5450 meters / 4650 meters
Par 70
Membership in SGF or membership in international club.
Park course, mixed with seaside.

Guests & Greenfee

Welcome to our club and our classic golf course. Tee times are available mainly weekdays, as there are no restrictions those days. As a guest to one of our members you will get a discount on the green fee. Questions will be answered by the club reception, by phone +46 31 282444, or by mail kansli@goteborgsgk.org.
Maximum handicap for guests is 36, and maximum for a group of four is 120.
Weekdays 08.00-18.00
Weekends after 14.00
Monday-Thursday 850kr
Friday-Sunday 950kr
Members’ guest gets a 200kr discount

Monday-Sunday 500kr
Members’ guest gets a 100kr discount

Booking rules at the club

A player can have up to three tee times booked at a time, and all booked players must be registered with their golf id. The course is  closed for maintenance on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings until 07.00.
All cancellations must be made at least one hour in advance.
You are required to report to reception at least 20 minutes before your tee time. Alternatively it can be done in the app MG Bokning. No shows will be contacted by the club. At a no show a guest will be charged the full fee. Members will charged 200:- for repeated no shows.
At a no show a guest will be charged the full fee. Members will charged 200kr for repeated no shows.

Course guide

Viktor H Setterberg

Par 3 / Index 9
White 203 meters
Yellow 197 meters
Blue 182 meters
Red 182 meters


Par 4 / Index 13
White 283 meters
Yellow 283 meters
Blue 264 meters
Red 264 meters

Theodor Åkermark

Par 5 / Index 3
White 419 meters
Yellow 406 meters
Blue 388 meters
Red 350 meters

George Roberts

Par 3 / Index 17
White 114 meters
Yellow 114 meters
Blue 103 meters
Red 103 meters

Tor Törnsten

Par 4 / Index 7
White 337 meters
Yellow 309 meters
Blue 309 meters
Red 270 meters


Par 4 / Index 1
White 397 meters
Yellow 383 meters
Blue 372 meters
Red 336 meters

Andrew Person

Par 3 / Index 15
White 115 meters
Yellow 115 meters
Bue 105 meters
Red 105 meters

Conrad Pineus

Par 4 / Index 5
White 315 meters
Yellow 275 meters
Blue 270 meters
Red 250 meters

Finn Sörvik

Par 4 / Index 11
White 361 meters
Yellow 349 meters
Blue 323 meters
Red 289 meters


Par 5 / Index 2
White 505 meters
Yellow 500 meters
Blue 485 meters
Red 400 meters


Par 5 / Index 12
White 443 meters
Yellow 430 meters
Blue 421 meters
Red 387 meters

Bengt Möller

Par 4 / Index 4
White 399 meters
Yellow 399 meters
Blue 332 meters
Red 322 meters


Par 3 / Index 16
White 138 meters
Yellow 126 meters
Blue 106 meters
Red 106 meters

Barbro Fredelius

Par 4 / Index 18
White 299 meters
Yellow 240 meters
Blue 229 meters
Red 229 meters

Frank Dyer/Michael Kennedy

Par 4 / Index 8
White 310 meters
Yellow 287 meters
Blue 267 meters
Red 267 meters


Par 4 / Index 6
White 351 meters
Yellow 337 meters
Blue 317 meters
Red 281 meters


Par 3 / Index 10
White 176 meters
Yellow 158 meters
Blue 148 meters
Red 135 meters

Douglas Brasier

Par 4 / Index 14
White 294 meters
Yellow 268 meters
Blue 268 meters
Red 261 meters

Heart defibrillators

Göteborgs Golf Klubb has four heart defibrillators at the facility, available at the following locations:

​-​Clubhouse: Inside the main entrance door, to the right
-Shortgame area: In the WC, locate in the engine hall building
-Hole 7: By the bench on the way up to hole 7 (available during April 15 – September 30)
-Hole 12: By the machine hall to the right of the 12th fairway (available during April 15 – September 30)

​​If someone suffers a cardiac arrest, it is crucial that the defibrillator can be used as quickly as possible, preferably within a few minutes. The device is portable and is used to restore a normal heart rhythm by delivering an electric shock to the heart. The defibrillator can be used by people without medical training and is easy to use thanks to spoken instructions.

Remember to always call 112 if you suspect someone has suffered a cardiac arrest and call for help if possible.


Is found on our Swedish page, please click here.

Slope/slope calculator

Is found on our Swedish page, please click here.

Local rules

Our local rules for golf is available here, in Swedish (called ”Lokala regler”). If you have any questions, please contact the reception team.

Golf cars/golf scooters

Göteborgs Golf Klubb has six golf carts for rent. These can be booked through MG Bokning, or in the reception at the club. When playing a competition all golf carts need to be booked in the club reception.

250kr for a member, and 350kr for guests. Members can also buy 10 rounds of golf cart rent for 2000kr.

A regular driving licence is required, and no drivers under 18 are allowed. This also goes for golf scooters.
No drunk driving is allowed, and no drinking while driving the vehicles.
All driving needs to be done with respect for the course. Preferably on roads and paths, and not close to greens and teeing areas. Stay at walking pace and take extra care when wet.

If you have further questions regarding golf cart use, or are thinking of buying one to use at the club, we ask that you to contact the reception.

Safety on the course

Göteborgs Golf Klubb is a very narrow layout, with many of the holes bordering residential houses. Also, several holes cross. Members and guests all need to play with care and safety in mind.

If someone is playing carelessly, please remind him or her in a nice way. We all have a responibility towards safety, but also a pleasant atmosphere.

Remember to shout ”fore”

Green keepers have right of way

Don’t hit the ball further than you can handle! Dangerous play will be reported. 

If you do hit something outside the course boudaries, please make a report.

Pace of play

The pace of play on the course very much affects players’s enjoyment. To ensure good flow on the course we try to limit the time for one round to four hours.

Players on the highest numbered hole has right of way. Please let faster players play through.

A two-ball will get around faster in the mornings, but later in the day pace will be dictated by slower fourballs.

Children with a handicap over 36 will need to play with a grown up.


On course clothing should be clean and tidy, and suitable for golf.

In the restaurant our rules say clean and tidy, with no golf hats worn anywhere in the club house.

Common sense always apply.

Spiked shoes are only allowed for top level elite players. Of course, not in the restaurant though.


Repair your pitch marks, or another one if you can’t find your own

Replace divots on tees, fairways, and in the rough

Always rake bunkers

Play at a brisk pace, and prepare your shot while waiting for your partner

No practice swings on the teeing areas

Avoid worn down areas around tees and greens

Let faster players through if you have lost some time

Respect other players on the course

Dogs on the course

During social rounds dogs kept on a leish are allowed, as long as no other players are put off.

During competitions dogs have to stay at home.

Halfway House

Our halfway house is open during the golf season, and provides our guests with something to eat, and drink. If you want to read more about Golfkrogen, and see their menus, follow the link.

After 18 holes of golf, Hovås Golfkrog provides an open bar and restaurang for our members, guests and visitors. The terrace facing the ocean provides a spectacular view, the ideal place to be with your friends, and family.